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Adquant was built for and by Performance Marketers

We know your pain points and we understand exactly what you need, because we used to be performance marketers too. Adquant was founded in 2007 as a social advertising agency. We discovered that no other tool out there was perfectly suited for performance marketers so we made our own. Now we want to share our passion, blood, sweat, and tears with you as the first Facebook sPMD that is solely focused on gaming and mobile applications.


Our experience is your benefit

We have managed tens of millions of dollars in Facebook Ad budgets and we want to share our knowledge. All of our SaaS clients get access to Adquant campaign analysts who have spent years building up their knowledge as Facebook media buyers. We built the Adquant Academy to make our knowledge accessible and give our clients the tools to become not just media buyers but media masters.



We have the mobile tools that you need to conquer the market

From new user acquisition to existing user retention, we have the most comprehensive set of mobile focused tools in the market. Adquant’s Universal Mobile App Tracking allows you track in-app actions and optimize your campaigns in real-time to bring you the best results. Show off your apps and games with video ads and device/OS targeting. Drive existing users and players directly to your apps with deep linking in-app URLs.

Our Approach to Technology

Our goal is simple, to empower performance marketers. This goal of empowerment drives our approach to technology and is based on our years of experience as performance marketers. We have spent tens of millions of dollars on Facebook ads building up a wealth of knowledge that we engineer into the Adquant platform.

First and foremost we try to automate as much of the processes as possible while helping you control and drive the strategy. Our platform’s automation works for you, not the other way around. A unified control system saves you time and keeps you focused on achieving your end goals without having to worry about all of small manual steps in-between planning and running a live campaign. A flexible tagging system allows you to create campaigns that reflect your natural business decisions rather than forcing you conform to someone else’s standards. 

Our Approach to Service

We are here to empower you. We build technology that will make your campaigns run better and your lives easier. As an Adquant client you gain access to the tools and talent that will make your team more productive and more knowledgeable. Our business analysts work with you to periodically review your activities and offer insights on where you can improve. The Adquant Academy is a self-guided learning center where you can access documents and videos to find quick answers to your questions. The academy also features a rich community forum where users help each other and discuss the latest trends on social and mobile.

Read our Case Studies to Learn More about Our Approach & Your Benefits

Driving Installs created several new and innovative games, but as the games were new to the market, publishing them and finding a player base was proving to be a challenge. Based on internal research knew how much they could spend, on average, for a new install of their games (CPI), and used Adquant to increase mobile app install volume by 3.85x.


New Player Acquisition

Playtika used the Adquant platform to find new players for their games. Adquant enabled Playtika to build highly targeted and customized campaigns that matched their most important games. As a result of adopting the Adquant platform, Playtika was able to increase their new install volume by 203% and increase their Facebook Ad ROI by 36%.

William Hill

Optimizing Ad Performance

William Hill activated Adquant’s automated real-time Facebook bidding solution from day one. By recognizing real-time user trends the algorithm was able to focus bids on the quality players while weeding out those who were less likely to convert. This resulted in a 72% increase in user volumes while cutting costs as CPA fell by 40%.

Proven Results

Adquant’s technology is battle-tested and market-approved. We work with the most demanding of clients and have the results to prove it.

  • 50+ Apps

    with over 1 Million Average Users

  • 10+ Billion

    Impressions Delivered Monthly

Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook Marketing Partner

Since 2009 Adquant has been working with the Facebook Ads API to bring audiences closer to advertisers.

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